We are justifiably proud of our reputation for academic excellence and are pleased that the school is part of the Leading Edge Partnership.

There is clear evidence that the progress made by students at the school is significantly greater than would be expected, particularly in respect of the achievement of boys of this age group.

At GCSE the school performs highly in terms of progress and outperforms many other grammar Schools.  Progress at A Level is strong and compares favourably to similar schools.

If you need to contact the school about examinations you can send an email to: Examinations@ichs.org.uk

Private Candidates (Someone not attending ICHS): ICHS does not accept private candidates. Please use https://www.jcq.org.uk/private-candidates/ to help assist you with finding a centre.

Current students wanting private entries whilst attending ICHS: Entries will only be made in subjects taught at the school. If you would like to enquire about availability of sitting a subject, please email examinations@ichs.org.uk with your request by 15th January 2023. If we are able to accommodate your request, then all fees must be paid before February half term,  otherwise students will not be entered.

Current subjects and examination boards offered at Ilford County High School.


KS3     KS4     KS5  
Subject Awarding Body   Subject Awarding Body   Subject Awarding Body
Oracy LAMDA   Art & Design (Fine Art) AQA   Art & Design (Art, Craft & Design) AQA
      Biology AQA   Biology AQA
      Business Studies Pearson Edexcel   Chemistry AQA
      Chemistry AQA   Computer Science (Python) AQA
      Computer Science OCR   Economics AQA
      Design & Technology AQA   English Literature Pearson Edexcel
      English Language AQA   French Pearson Edexcel
      English Literature Pearson Edexcel   Further Maths Pearson Edexcel
      Food Prep & Nutrition AQA   History OCR
      French Pearson Edexcel   Mathematics Pearson Edexcel
      Further Maths AQA   Physical Education OCR
      Geography OCR   Physics AQA
      German Pearson Edexcel   Politics Pearson Edexcel
      History Pearson Edexcel   Psychology AQA
      Mathematics Pearson Edexcel   Religious Studies Eduqas
      Media Studies AQA   Spanish Pearson Edexcel
      Music Pearson Edexcel      
      Philosophy & Ethics Eduqas      
      Physical Education OCR      
      Physics AQA      
      Psychology AQA      
      Sociology AQA      
      Spanish Pearson Edexcel      

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