Ilford County High School

Eagle House News

Welcome to Eagle House

At Ilford County High School, Eagles stand for three core values that emanate from everything they say and do. These values are:

  • Standards
  • Achievement
  • Learning

At the heart of these values is the belief in every Eagle to be the best that they can be. Through the expectation of high standards, the focus on personal achievement (in a range of guises) and the importance of learning each and every day, the Eagles represent a house that epitomises students engaging with progress and aspiration.​

Within these values, members of the Eagles’ house have a duty to respect and adhere to a number of clear expectations:

  • Standards – exemplary uniform, unquestionable behaviour, consistently positive attitude to learning, well- managed relationships with others
  • Achievement – to celebrate and acknowledge achievement regardless of how big or small, congratulate both individuals and groups on their accomplishments, regular celebrations of success, looking ahead from one success to consider the next goal
  • Learning – embracing education and its value, preparing for success later in life.

In addition to a house with high expectations, the Eagles’ house is one which places the students at the forefront. We value the opinions and viewpoints of each member and want the ongoing development of the house to be one that is rooted in cohesion and contributions from all.​

Mr V Murdock - Director of Student Development