School Vision / Ethos

Empowering to Excel...

by Learning Together

Our Vision is:

ICHS seeks to be a centre of excellence that offers a challenging and inspirational learning environment delivering exceptional educational outcomes and strong character development.

Our Aims are:

We aim to be a leading UK grammar school achieving the highest level of education by preparing our young men for a successful future in modern Britain and the world. ​

We aim to do this by ensuring students leave ICHS as well rounded, resilient young men with confidence and an ability to take on any challenge they may face in the future. Students should be prepared, when appropriate, to learn from set-backs and have the confidence to face challenges. Students should attain the highest possible outcomes at GCSE and A Level, allowing them to achieve their future aspirations. 

The school will achieve this by ensuring every student has the opportunity to:

1. Study a broad and balanced curriculum that is taught by knowledgeable and committed staff.

2. Participate in a programme of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education that embraces British Values and prepares students for life in modern Britain. ​

3. Embrace the concepts of lifelong learning and become a reflective, independent learner with a capacity for intellectual curiosity and the ability to demonstrate the skills of personal research; through the Habits of Mind Programme.

4. Develop leadership, team work and communication skills in preparation for employment and further study; through participation in clubs, teams or societies and by volunteering to support others through initiatives such as Primary Liaison and the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme.

5. Participate in the running of our school through a range of programmes such as Student Council, Reading Ambassadors, Peer Mentoring and Form Leadership roles.

6. Learn about healthy lifestyle choices, participate in sport and how to make positive decisions to support their mental and physical wellbeing. The school will provide a safe environment in which students can flourish, living cheerfully whilst allowing others to do the same.