Hawk House News

Welcome to Hawk House

Welcome to the Hawks’ page! As the Head of House for Hawks, I have a clear set of expectations for students to adhere to. These are as follows:


Take pride in yourself and your actions

Acknowledge success – both your own and that of others


Be helpful to each other

Understand where to go for support if/when you need it



Even in the face of difficulty, the truth is fundamental

Appreciating that you don’t always know the answers

Members of Hawks’ House need to demonstrate this ethos every day and value the importance of each trait. It is my job to support all of the Hawks in embracing this ethos, especially on those days where they are finding any aspect of them hard. In this role, I can often be found in the HoH office where I am happy to talk through any issues or concerns that students might have.

Hawks have a long history of success at Ilford County High School. They’ve often received awards and commendations for hard work and success in a range of areas – including winning Sports’ Day last year! It is my intention to build on these past successes to create a House that is full of determined and successful young people.

 Mr Bassan - Director of Student Development